Sunday, November 30, 2008

An “All Holyoke” Wedding

Rebecca Lisi Weds Damian Cote, October 25 2008

HOLYOKE- City Councilor At-Large Rebecca Lisi and Damian J. Cote shared their nuptials on Saturday, October 25, 2008 with family and friends at Holyoke’s Wistariahust Museum followed by dinner and dancing at The Delaney House.

Councilor Lisi had many friends and relatives visiting Holyoke for the first time for the happy occasion and wanted to show her guests how proud she is of the home that she is making for herself in the Paper City.

“Holyoke has so many layers; it is a real challenge to explain to people just what all the excitement is, so we decided to take our guest around the city and show them first hand,” said Lisi.

Guests were given informational brochures about the history of the city and were taken on tours of the canals and mills downtown. Many people took advantage of the good weather and fall foliage and went on scenic hikes through Mt. Tom State Reservation. On the day of the wedding, early arrivals at The Wistariahurst were given a tour of the museum while they waited for the ceremony to begin.

Friends and family were all very impressed by the city’s the rich history and beautiful architecture. They could not stop amazing at how these venues were once family homes and prestigious mansions.

Lisi remarked, “Now they all want me to start having holidays at our house, so they can come back and visit again!”

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Field redesign rejected

from The Republican

Thursday, November 20, 2008

HOLYOKE - The City Council Tuesday rejected a $30,000 request to redesign Avery and Mitchell fields, saying they think such a project is too expensive to undertake amid the current economic downturn.

"Are we living in a dream world here," City Councilor John P. Brunelle said during Tuesday's meeting. "Right now, we should be tightening the belt as much as we can."

But other councilors insisted such a project is worth considering. "It's an area that deserves a look," City Councilor John J. O'Neill said. "That section of Hampden Street is really problematic."

Mayor Michael J. Sullivan agreed. "This is just to avert some safety concerns," he said Wednesday. He added he believes it's too soon for officials to judge whether the project is too expensive for the city to undertake.

"What's the project," Sullivan said. "I think it's well worth spending $30,000 to see if it's worth changing Avery and Mitchell field."

But since the council voted the request down, Sullivan said he does not plan to pursue it.

The council voted 8 - 7 in favor of appropriating the money to redesign the two fields. But the motion failed since it required a two-thirds majority vote.

The councilors who voted in favor of the appropriation were O'Neill, Elaine A. Pluta, Timothy Purington, Peter R. Tallman, Donald R. Welch, Kevin A. Jourdain, James M. Leahy and Todd A. McGee. The councilors who voted against the appropriation were Brunelle, Joseph M. McGiverin, John E. Whelihan, Patricia C. Devine, Anthony M. Keane, Rebecca Lisi and Diosdado Lopez.

The goal of the redesign project was to study the feasibility of combining the two parks, Purington said. He added the study would also examine whether to close the section of Hampden Street which intersects both parks.

An identical design request was considered last year by the council.

Sullivan said no decision has been made to close Hampden Street as part of the rejected request. That's why he insisted the design funding was requested - to decide whether closing the street to vehicle traffic made the most sense.

He also insisted no specific project had been predetermined. The design request was simply to study possible ways to redesign the two adjacent parks to determine if there was a better way to incorporate the two parks together.